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BoundedQueueThreadPoolResourceDefinition does not able to add additional check on the threads executor


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      When there is already a long-running thread pool for a work manager and you try to create another one:
      /subsystem=jca/workmanager=default/long-running-threads=custom:add(max-threads=30, queue-length=30)
      you only get an opaque error message:
      "failure-description" => "WFLYCTL0086: Failed to persist configuration change: WFLYCTL0084: Failed to marshal configuration", with a, also useless, java.lang.IllegalArgumentException in the server log.
      It should be more obvious that the error is that you cannot create two long-running thread pools

      To be able to check whether the long-running-threads/short-running-threads within one JCA workmanager is already defined when adding one, BoundedQueueThreadPoolResourceDefinition in threads subsystem needs to be extended to be able to check this.

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