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Revise examples for Weld 6


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      We should revise existing examples and update their dependencies.
      This includes Arq. dependencies for testing, some of which are defined in parent POM (graphene/drone) and which we could perhaps move into the examples repo.

      I am not sure it's worth keeping all of those examples in place, it might be enough to stick to numberguess in SE and JSF version.
      Alternatively, we could drop EE examples and instead link to some WFLY examples repo which would do a very similar thing?

      Last but not least, examples are currently only tested with JDK 11 on the CI and there are issues upgrading them to 17+ - we should investigate why if we want to keep them. IIRC, the problematic parts were tests on WFLY.

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            manovotn Matěj Novotný
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