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Improve CDI extension translator module


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      Weld 5.0.0.Alpha1 adds a basic version of this module but there is a number of things we need to improve.

      Things coming to mind are:

      • Change logging to jboss logging (which is what rest of Weld code uses)
      • Remove any deprecated methods used in impl (ATM I know of Class.newInstance()
      • Use security actions for any operation with CL and possibly others place?
      • Silence warning saying that there is an extension listening to ProcessAnnotatedType<?> since there is no better way to implement this ATM
      • This CDI PR changes default withAnnotations value for @Enhancement and we will need to reflect that in ExtensionPhaseEnhancementAction. Requires update of CDI API with that change!
      • OPTIONAL - Look into some detection mechanism that would allow us to skip executing LiteExtensionTranslator if no build compatible extensions are found. This may require changes on different levels as detection is done at different times with WFLY/SE/...
      • ?? probably more things which will be added as we review the code

      Last but not least, we will need to draft a PR for WildFly to include this API. Some notes on how to do that are included in WELD-2678 (similarly to Probe).

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