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Weld can generate incorrect proxy names for hierarchical interface structures


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    • 3.1.7.SP1, 4.0.1.SP1
    • 4.0.1.Final, 3.1.7.Final
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      With JDK 11 and JPMS we need to make sure we create proxies with sensible names that fall into existing modules.

      However, in case of a hierarchical interface structure where interface A is in package foo.bar and interface B extends A is in foo.quax, it may currently happen that we generate a proxy starting with foo.quax.A$B$.. meaning the package name and the first class name are a mismatch.

      We need to alter the naming algorithm to prevent this.

      A reproducer can be seen on my branch along with a WIP fix.

            manovotn Matěj Novotný
            manovotn Matěj Novotný
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