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Inconsistent generation of OSGi JAR content




      When generating an OSGi artifact, the resulting JAR needs to have a META-INF/services entry where there are all three Weld modules specified. This is done by maven shade plugin.

      As discussed on a Jakarta issue, all Weld 4 releases up to and including Alpha3 had this correctly. However, all Beta releases (up to 4) only had one entry. This OFC makes the artifact useless.

      I have tried to pinpoint the issue but any local build always works as expected and I cannot reproduce it. However, when I stage a release, I can see the issue popping up - it looks like it happens only during mvn release:perform. I have further narrowed this to an ordering issue between bundle and shade plugin. Normally they follow the expected ordering (by declaration in POM since they are both in package phase), but during release:perform I can see the ordering swapped although I couldn't determine why.

      So far the only solution I think could work (but can't be tested apart from staging new release) is to keep bundle plugin in package phase but bind shade plugin to some later phase, such as verification.



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