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      Make sure Weld is able to run our tests and TCK tests in container (with WFLY) and standalone. [This issue does not need to result in a PR directly]

      Namely we need to:

      • Have all release jobs for Weld 3 in a matrix config for JDK 8 and 10
      • Have working PR executors for JDK 8 and 10
        • 10 may be limited right now as spotbugs and other stuff may not work
      • Update/align test dependencies to work on JDK 10
      • Possibly execute on JDK 10 with --illegal-access=deny

      Servlet integration is not a priority here but should get a separate review later on.

            manovotn Matěj Novotný
            manovotn Matěj Novotný
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