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Expand findbugs check to other project parts


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    • 2.4.3.Final, 3.0.0.Final
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      In 2.x branch, we have findbugs check on core/impl which is pretty much sufficient as the whole codebase resides there.

      In 3.x the check remains, yet we have modules (JTA, EJB, JSF, Web) which are therefore excluded. I believe we should include them - will send a PR with that.

      I was also thinking about checking Probe this way (neither branch does that ATM).
      Do you think it makes sense? From my pov it's "optional".

      Furthermore, as a part of this issue, we should upgrade findbugs annotation dependency. We are currently using net.sourceforge.findbugs:annotations:1.3.2 whereas the latest version is com.google.code.findbugs:annotations:3.0.1. Note that the artifact GAV has changed significantly.

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