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Weld build on JDK 9 EA 148+


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      With newer JDK 9 builds, new problems popped up.

      This issue will contain following types of tasks:

      • Known problems we need to address to make Weld build on JDK 9
        • E.g. mvn clean install -DskipTests passes with JDK 9
      • Running embedded tests in JDK 9
        • E.g. mvn clean install passes with JDK 9
      • Another problems related to JDK 9 from usage point of view
        • E.g. package clash problem etc.

      While creating this issue, the most up to date JDK EA build is 148 so please use no older version that that.

      If you wish to partake in resolving tasks, you can use Docker image to get a prepared environment with up to date JDK 9.

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            manovotn Matěj Novotný
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