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Special treatment of Instance<?>


      Currently, Instance<?> injection points resolve to the built-in InstanceImpl bean. This is correct however it may not be useful. For example in cases where e.g. Instance<Foo> injection point is used not for dynamic lookup but instead for "lazy" fetching of a specific bean instances, it may be more useful to display our bean to depend on Foo bean directly. Otherwise, the Foo bean may appear as a lone node in the graph although it is actually used (injected with Instance). The proposal could look something like: If there is an Instance<> injection point and the given type and qualifiers resolves exactly to a single bean, display this bean as the dependency instead of built-in InstanceImpl (or perhaps do not leave out InstanceImpl entirely but display the fact that the given bean is most likely used somehow).

            mkouba@redhat.com Martin Kouba
            rhn-engineering-jharting Jozef Hartinger
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