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WELD-001303 No active contexts for scope type javax.enterprise.context.SessionScoped


      I really want my CDI-managed-bean web application to be deployed to Glassfish (WELD), but I am facing the issue (WELD-846, GLASSFISH-15721, and possibly related to some other issues).

      I recently migrated my JSF-managed-bean web application to CDI, and it runs just fine on TomEE 1.5 SNAPSHOT, but there are performance issues (Geromino, possibly, etc...). Currently, the JSF managed bean web application is still deployed to Glassfish 3.1.2 on the production server.

      Because of this issue (and possibly my lack of knowledge on how to 'package' my WAR file, 'not' using Maven), I have yet to successful run the CDI-managed-bean web application (version) on Glassfish (WELD).

      I know that Glassfish has WELD 1.1.8 Final, but because of this issue, I 'attempted' to follow instructions provided by the WELD-846, GLASSFISH-15721, etc..., I downloaded the weld-osgi-bundle.jar that was posted on one of those JIRA's, started Glassfish, deployed CDI web app to Glassfish, no errors on deploy, and then attempted to access web app on http://localhost:8080/mcms, and then that's when I get the exception and more exceptions in the server log.

      I want to attach my server log, but I don't see where I can attach files. Maybe that might be possible after i create the issue.

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