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Option to have 100-continue response sent even if request body has come


      Previously, EAP 6/JBossWeb always sent the 100-continue response. And mod_proxy_http happens to always expect a 100-continue response for proxied POST requests, even if it sent request data. So this combination worked fine.

      But now, Undertow chooses to omit the 100-continue if it received data. This is allowed per the spec, but it causes unwanted behavior in mod_proxy_http. Without the 100-continue being sent, slower POSTs can reach the proxy ping timeout and induce unwanted error states.

      Would an option be possible to make Undertow behave like JBossWeb so it always send the 100-continue even if request data has been received so that issues like this with mod_proxy_http or other proxies/clients strictly expecting the 100-continue can be avoided?

            sdouglas1@redhat.com Stuart Douglas
            rhn-support-aogburn Aaron Ogburn
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