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Aggregator not seeing test results due to over 1h lease Acquisition


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      It has been noticed while investigating TRT-1512, that a group of jobs are missing monitor test junit files due to long lease acquisition time. This can be seen in many jobs in this aggregator run. For example, this job takes 1h23m to acquire the lease: 


      {{INFO[2024-02-19T17:51:38Z] Acquiring leases for test e2e-azure-sdn-upgrade: [azure-2-quota-slice] }}

      {{INFO[2024-02-19T19:14:04Z] Acquired 1 lease(s) for azure-2-quota-slice: [centralus--azure-2-quota-slice-31] }}


      This leaves minimum time for openshift-tests to finish.  We should look to see what we can do to best solve the issue. Should we increase time for all jobs? Is there any way to do it in a smart way so that time is only increased when some steps takes unreasonable amount of time? 

            kenzhang@redhat.com Ken Zhang
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