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Standup GCP Liveness Monitoring Endpoint


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      As part of our investigation into GCP disruption we want an endpoint separate from the cluster under test but inside GCP to monitor for connectivity.

      One approach is to use a GCP Cloud Function with a HTTP Trigger

      Another alternative it to standup our own server and collect logging


      We need to consider cost of implementation, cost of maintaining and how well the implementation lines up with our overall test scenario (we are wanting to use this as a control to compare with reaching a pod within a cluster under test)


      We may want to also consider standing up similar endpoints in AWS and Azure in the future.


      A separate story will cover monitoring the endpoint from within Origin

      • We want to capture the audit id and log when we receive an incoming request
      • audit id could include the build id or another field could be used to correlate back to the job instance

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