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Breakout Additional Pathological Event Tests by Namespace


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      Recent periodic-ci-openshift-release-master-ci-4.15-upgrade-from-stable-4.14-e2e-gcp-ovn-rt-upgrade failure caused by

      : [sig-cluster-lifecycle] pathological event should not see excessive Back-off restarting failed containers expand_less 	0s
      {  event [namespace/openshift-machine-api node/ci-op-j666c60n-23cd9-nb7wr-master-1 pod/cluster-baremetal-operator-79b78c4548-n5vrt hmsg/b7cb271b13 - Back-off restarting failed container cluster-baremetal-operator in pod cluster-baremetal-operator-79b78c4548-n5vrt_openshift-machine-api(32835332-fc25-4ddf-84ce-d3aa447d3ce0)] happened 25 times}

      Shows in Component Readiness as unknown component

      / ovn upgrade-minor amd64 gcp rt > Unknown> [sig-cluster-lifecycle] pathological event should not see excessive Back-off restarting failed containers

      We should update testBackoffStartingFailedContainer to check for / use known namespaces where a junit is created for known namespaces indicating pass, fail or flake.

      The code already handles testBackoffStartingFailedContainerForE2ENamespaces

      It looks as though we only check for known or e2e namespaces, need to double check that if that is the case we are ok with potentially unknown namespaced events getting through.

      We should also review Sippy pathological tests for results that don't contain `for ns/namespace` format and review if they need to be broken out as well.

      For each test that we break out we need to map the new namespace specific test to the correct component in the test mapping repository

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