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Possible DPCR Sippy Prometheus Problem


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      on Friday Brad removed two conflicting operators from DPCR, I am not clear on the history but you can see it in this thread: https://redhat-internal.slack.com/archives/C01CQA76KMX/p1683740030030189

      After this, we can no longer see metrics in our prometheus from sippy: https://prometheus-trt-service.dptools.openshift.org/graph?g0.expr=rate(sippy_matview_refresh_millis_sum%5B120m%5D)%20%2F%20rate(sippy_matview_refresh_millis_count%5B120m%5D)%20%2F%201000%20%2F%2060&g0.tab=0&g0.stacked=0&g0.show_exemplars=0&g0.range_input=2d

      The graph is now empty and it wasn't prior to Brad's change.

      However, according to our slack channel, alerts seem to still be firing.

      It is unclear what is wrong or how bad it is, but we shouldl get some clarity into what happened and if we can get our prometheus graphs for sippy back.

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