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ClusterRoleBinding tempo-redmetrics-cluster-monitoring-view is not created when monitorTab is enabled in TempoStack.


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      Version of components:
      This issue occurs only on OpenShift 4.15 version. There is a change with Thanos Querier in OpenShift monitoring in 4.15. https://issues.redhat.com/browse/MON-3379 which seems related. 


      Description of the problem:
      When a TempoStack is created with monitorTab enabled in OCP 4.15, the required ClusterRoleBinding tempo-redmetrics-cluster-monitoring-view is not created. 

      Steps to reproduce the issue:

      *Create a OpenShift 4.15 cluster.

      *Install the Tempo and OpenTelemetry operator.

      *Run the red-metrics test case as follows from the Tempo Operator repository.

      kuttl test --timeout=180 --skip-delete --test=red-metrics tests/e2e-openshift

      *Check that the test fails with error.

      case.go:366: clusterrolebindings.rbac.authorization.k8s.io "tempo-redmetrics-cluster-monitoring-view" not found

      *Check the ClusterRoleBinding is not created. 

      $ oc get clusterrolebindings | grep -i tempo
      tempo-operator-controller-service-system:auth-delegator                     ClusterRole/system:auth-delegator                                                       94m
      tempo-operator-manager-rolebinding-cluster-monitoring-view                  ClusterRole/cluster-monitoring-view                                                     100m
      tempo-operator.v0.6.0-cxcvx0KxriN0JmjwH0qQADEm2tNTozal6N6LUq                ClusterRole/tempo-operator.v0.6.0-cxcvx0KxriN0JmjwH0qQADEm2tNTozal6N6LUq                94m
      tempo-operator.v0.6.0-te-5VyQbad3DdfPNOBJXfM66lH022EgjQnx8CoFXH             ClusterRole/tempo-operator.v0.6.0-te-5VyQbad3DdfPNOBJXfM66lH022EgjQnx8CoFXH             94m
      tempo-simplest-gateway                                                      ClusterRole/tempo-simplest-gateway

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