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Update jaeger operator to support strimzi operator 0.23.0


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      I've got a customer that's on OCP 4.6.32 and requires Strimzi Kafka Operator 0.23.0 (unsupported). They're using the Jaeger Operator 1.20.3 (Red Hat supported) from the Operator Hubs and are running into the issue where Jaegar Operator only recognizes Strimzi's API 'v1beta1' but Strimzi 0.23.0 uses API 'v1beta2' [1]. I've confirmed it works fine with Strimzi 0.19.0 but customer requires 0.23.0. 
      There is a 'pull request' [2] that has been merged into the Jaeger Operator upstream and I've reached out to Juraci and Pavol directly about this issue before making the Jira to make sure it's valid-enough for a JIRA. Juraci notified me that 1.24.0 should be released by the end of the month and that it's may be possible for the fix to make it into this version but Juraci wanted to know whether the customer required 1.20.3 or would upgrade to 1.24.0.
      I have requested from the customer (in the case) whether they require Jaeger Operator 1.20.3 or if they'd be able to upgrade to 1.24.0.

      [1] Customer Case: https://access.redhat.com/support/cases/#/case/02982089
      [2] Pull request in upstream: https://github.com/jaegertracing/jaeger-operator/pull/1495

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