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IP Check policy doesn't support IPv6


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      IP Check policy uses lua-resty-iputils library, which doesn't support IPv6.

      This library indicate to useĀ lua-libcidr-ffi as an alternative, but it has system library dependency (libcidr) and has a low level methods. Further information could be found at lua-resty-iputils IPv6 implementation thread.

      The library is used on this two methods:

      local iputils = require("resty.iputils")
      local function parse_cidrs(cidrs)
        return iputils.parse_cidrs(cidrs or {})
      local function ip_in_range(ip, cidrs)
        return iputils.ip_in_cidrs(ip, cidrs)

      Source: ip_check.lua

      Error message at APIcast gateway:

      [lua] iputils.lua:36: log_err(): Error parsing '2001:8d8:974:7c00::7a:da8c': Invalid IP, context: ngx.timer.

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