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Correct inconsistent policy names between documentation and policy list


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    • 3scale-doc-2021-11-22, API Sprint 19

      In our latest documentation https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_3scale_api_management/2.11/html/administering_the_api_gateway/apicast_policies#standard-policies-to-change-default-3scale-apicast-behavior , the list policy names are not exactly consistent with what actually it is displayed in the 3scale policy list. I summarized the differences:


      name in the Product Documentation name in the console
      Batcher 3scale batcher
      Referrer 3scale referrer
      Upstream MTLS Upstream Mutual TLS
      Authentication Caching 3scale Auth Caching
      Headers Header Modification
      Content Caching Policy Content Caching
      Cannot find it, it's missing HTTP2 Endpoint
      RH-SSO Keycloak Role Check RH-SSO/Keycloak Role Check
      Cannot find it, it's missing Websocket
      Logging Policy Logging
      Camel Proxy Service Camel Service
      Cannot find it, it's missing On fail
      TLS Certificate Validation TLS Client Certificate Validation
      Nginx Filters Nginx Filter
      Upstream policy Upstream
      OAuth 2.0 Mutual TLS Client Authentication Policy OAuth 2.0 Mutual TLS Client Authentication
      HTTP Response Code Overwrite HTTP Status Code Overwrite



      So actually there are 2 issues:

      1. The naming is not consistent
      2. There are 3 policies missing documentation

      I think they can be addressed in two separate JIRAs, currently this one focus on issue 1. 

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