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capabilities - oas3 validator bug: invalid components: unsupported 'format' value "uuid"


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      I've used valid OAS3 stored in secret for

      apiVersion: capabilities.3scale.net/v1beta1
      kind: OpenAPI

      I see this error:

      spec.openapiRef.secretRef: Invalid value: v1.ObjectReference{Kind:"",
              Namespace:"3scale-cand-3", Name:"uberoas3", UID:"", APIVersion:"",
              ResourceVersion:"", FieldPath:""}: invalid paths: parameter
              "customer_uuid" schema is invalid: Unsupported 'format' value 'uuid'

      which refers to this part of OAS:

      paths: -> /estimates/time: -> get: -> parameters: 
      - name: customer_uuid
                in: query
                description: Unique customer identifier to be used for experience customization.
                  type: string
                  format: uuid

      which is according https://github.com/OAI/OpenAPI-Specification/blob/main/versions/3.0.0.md#dataTypeFormat valid format even it is not listed among common types.

      I've used 3scale-amp2-3scale-rhel7-operator-metadata:3scale-amp-2.11-rhel-7-containers-candidate-15434-20210916122919

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