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API for the developer portal CMS



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      At the moment it is not possible to export/import the sources from the Developer Portal CMS.
      There is a need for a CMS API which would allow to:
      • Download single files (incl. by name)
      • Upload single files (incl. by name)
      • Publish the current state
      • Revert the current state to a previous version

      This would be useful for the following use cases:
      • move the complete CMS from one 3scale account (instance in on-premises) to another one
      • manage the assets (templates, CSS, images etc.) externally (under version control) and upload them automatically to 3scale

      Additional requested features:
      • Download all CMS sources as zip file
      • Upload all CMS sources as zip file
      These should be available in the UI.

      Additional Notes:

      Some customers have used the undocumented API and unsupported tools to use the API to do exactly what they want. They have a DevPortal template which they use to automatically create new dev portals for new APIs on-demand, and then they link them into their overall (hand built elsewhere) API Catalog.

      Dev Notes

      Potential security issues

      • Uploading security files to our servers, especially if you want to upload them, save them in the database. Could potentially upload malicious files.
      • Uploading large files - can kill unicorn - easy to do DDOS - would have to find a different way to upload the files, therefore introducing more complexity.


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