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Zync components grafana dashboards and prometheus rules design (zync)


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      Productize something like what we have now with the ops team (add it to the operator).

      Define and implementation of:

      • Grafana dashboards
      • Prometheus rules


      Zync guys have the domain knowledge to define useful dashboards and effective prometheus rules. Ops teams can help you with the syntax.
      I will provide an environment to easily run the loop: update -> check on dashboards and prometheus rules.

      Playground access:

      System team internal tracking doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aLI2VoK0kPds4YsuPPCeXmhmvxo99_XKAVCCm5ruucs/edit?usp=sharing



      Suggestion of steps to implement:

      • Make sure code is ready, i.e., exporting the metrics we want in the dashboard
      • Deploy a version of 3scale that exports the metrics
      • Configure the Grafana dashboard for Zync - pair with ops to reuse their experience with configuring the Zync Grafana dashboard for Saas
      • Pair with the operators team to "productize" the newly configure dashboard, i.e., to put it for the operator to set on a fresh new deployment of 3scale so customers can have the dashboard OTB.

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