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Parameterize resource request of PVC for storage


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      Default 3scale storage space is 1GB when deployed by the Operator. This can be insufficient for some customers in the future.

      We faced this problem when MySQL depleted all available space in a 3scale instance deployed by Delorean (it has storage claim 1GB as well). As a result of that, deployment system-mysql pod fails with the error message:

      [Warning] InnoDB: 1048576 bytes should have been written. Only 1015808 bytes written. Retrying for the remaining bytes.
      [Warning] InnoDB: Retry attempts for writing partial data failed.
      ERROR] InnoDB: Write to file ./ibtmp1failed at offset 11534336, 1048576 bytes should have been written, only 1015808 were written. Operating system error number 28. Check that your OS and file system support files of this size. Check also that the disk is not full or a disk quota exceeded.
      [ERROR] InnoDB: Error number 28 means 'No space left on device'

      Dev Notes:
      This issue applies to all PVCs exposed by the APIManager CRD. Currently only storageclass is configurable. This issue is to add resource request as well

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