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command "update" doesn't update pricing rules


      I've add some pricing rules related to service 220 and try to update service 29. Pricing rules was not updated.

      $ 3scale update service -s "https://_valid_token_@3scale-admin.3scale._valid_domain_" -d "https://_valid_token_@3scale-admin.phala._valid_domain_" --target_system_name=systemecek 220 29
      updating service settings for service id 29...
      updating proxy configuration for service id 29...
      updated proxy of 29 to match the source 220
      source service hits metric 225 has 0 methods
      target service hits metric 23 has 0 methods
      creating 0 missing methods on target service...
      source service has 4 metrics
      target service has 3 metrics
      created 1 metrics on the target service
      source service has 1 application plans
      target service has 1 application plans
      creating 0 missing application plans...
      updating limits for application plans...
      target application plan 41 is missing 0 from the source plan 451
      the source service has 1 mapping rules
      the target has 1 mapping rules
      missing 0 mapping rules
      created 0 mapping rules

      If I add new metric related to service 220 it was updated to service 29.

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