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Create an "HA" template for 3scale onprem




      Recently I have had a number of conversations with Babak, who's team have done reference architectures, many templates for other teams and who has recently had a bunch of conversations with the field about deploy and HA etc etc..... this issue is a proposal resulting from that to help address the FUD/Confusion around 3scale and HA (or it's lack thereoff)....with a slightly counter intuitive proposal....but based on his experience with the field.

      If we agree, i'd edit it into a real requirement/task issue...

      Although there is work on-going in openshift, the current recommendation "and what everyone does" is to have (HA) storage outside the cluster. (he agrees with what we've always said).

      Our standard deployment template uses internal pods for redis and mysql, and we only ship one template.

      People don't read the docs (important pre-condition).

      They install it from the only template, see it all running (OOTB experience!!), they see the internal redis/sql pods and arrive at the conclusion there's no other way to do it and "it doesn't support HA".

      They don't realize that it's easy to configure (via ENV) external storage.

      Also, when they do that we still have those pods running in the cluster and so they're confused


      • Also ship a amp-HA.yml template that's in-your-face obviously an HA config, that doesn't include redis/mysql pods, doesn't start them and REQUIRES you to configure the external storage.
        (they have done this in another project).

      ....people stop complaining there is no HA option.


      • unfortunately this means we need to manage more templates
      • maybe with CNS we can at some point drop the S3 version of the template?




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