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Redis Enterprise guide contains incorrect information



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      Expected behaviour

      When referring to the Redis Enterprise configuration guide it's expected to only describe the deployment options and configurations if 3scale has specific requirements.

      Current behaviour

      The Redis Enterprise guide states the following:

      • Use Redis Enterprise deployed in OpenShift, with three different redis-enterprise instances

      It should not matter how or where Redis Enterprise is deployed unless 3scale has strict requirements which currently we do not document any. Also there is no need to deploy 3 instances and so this needs to be corrected unless again there is a specific need for this.

      Finally the structure of the content is confusing as it is nested under "Migrating to an HA deployment" but it should have both the Redis Enterprise and Redis Sentinels options at the top level under 4.1 where it then links to the actual configuration procedure for installation - 4.2.2 and migration - 4.2.3


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