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Imported Model Project with user defined Function model does not register function model with Function Library



      Imported FinancialsDemo.zip model project into workspace in 7.4 workspace.

      Got 2 "problems" and one of them resulted from transformation validation not understanding the hashToPII(string ID) function/method.

      I edited the function model and "saved" it, then did clean build and problem went away.

      The import process (opening project) is not resulting in the custom function model being registered in the Function Library.

      Other problems:

      A) SqlSyntax class provides "reserved words" list for hilighting. This class is initialized ONCE, so any editing of function models, adding/removing models does not update the reserved words list. This needs to dynamically APPEND to list when asked for.

      B) Transformation Editor is not aware that a function may have been edited (changed/broken/removed). We need to maybe wire the editor up as a FunctionModelListener which is notified by the UdfUiPlugin or UdfManager when the function library has changed??

      C) Function models are not treated as Model Dependencies, so there is no resulting re-validation for Virtual models that use the functions. Do we need to keep track of functions AND function models so when used in transformations, we can add the Function Models as Dependencies? This would solve a major problem.

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