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MED - unwanted behavior with 2 extensions with the same namespace


      • Import extensions from server
      • Try to import model from Odata/salesforce with Teiid connection import
      • Translator Selection Required dialog shows in second last step

      I have already imported model extensions from the server (see MER.png image).
      Then I try to import from Odata (Similar with salesforce/salesforce-34) with Teiid connection importer. When the model is creating, the Translator Selection Required dialog shows.(see translator.png image)
      Problem is that if I choose right translator and click OK nothing happens. This dialog disappears after clicking OK 34 times. I think that this dialog is on every table but there are just 28 tables available. (In my case)
      That happens only if extensions are imported from the server. I think that model has defined the namespace and in these imported extensions are 4 with the same namespace so TD do not know which one to use.

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