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When JDG is used as a data source, there are not translator overrides to create


      In the process of creating the full workflow for materializating a view to a JDG 7 cache, Teiid Designer was made to also create the needed translator overrides when the VDB was created. However, when a JDG 7 cache is to be used as a data source, that translator override cannot be created when the VDB is created. It causes an exception in Teiid because it thinks the cache is for materialization (due to the override).

      So a change is needed, that when a JDG cache is not for materialization, but to be used as a datasource, the translator override should not be automatically created.

      Maybe (just a suggestion) when the source tables are created from the running of the JDG materialization process, they are flagged as matview type tables, so that when the VDB is created, it knows then to create the translator override. (otherwise it doesn't create the override).

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