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Warning UDF window appears with every change in the wizard


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    • 11.1
    • 11.1
    • Dynamic VDBs
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      1. Click on the VDB and chose Save as XML
      2. Warning appears, click OK
      3. Shows wizard, change anything (warning appears again)

      I have user defined function with my own jar file. When I want to save VDB as XML file, shows warning that I must deploy UDF library. I clicked OK button and Save as VDB XML file wizard shows me. But when I change name or file name or anything, the warning shows again. It is very annoying because when I am typing name, after each of letter warning shows. So when I want to type name viewUdfVDB, the wizard shows ten times and I have to click ten times to OK button.

      I noticed that when I change something in the wizard (name, version), the contents in the bottom is re-created. Maybe this action trigger warning window and the warning shows every time when contents are changed.

            blafond Barry LaFond
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