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      The "New Teiid Instance" dialog is extremely confusing, and it's not clear at all how to fill out the values on this dialog.

      • First of all, I have no idea what "Label" means. I can guess, and I'm probably right, but seems like the name of the instance (shown in the server list) should be at the top of the dialog, but "Host" is there. Seems backwards. And generally these kinds of things are referred to as "names" not "label". (Label to me is a tag that is applied, whereas a name is the string/key by which something can referred.)
      • Secondly, the 'Test' button (which is in the Admin area) only works when you've specified the JDBC connection info, which is in a different area. If that's the case, then it should be moved outside of both sections. Note that if I put a bogus username and password in the "Teiid JDBC Connection Info" section, I can test the Admin connection successfully. So my guess is that the 'Test' button should be enabled and functional even when the JDBC Connection Info username and password are not filled in. (Maybe this should be a separate BUG?) Also, shouldn't the 'Test' button be disabled if it cannot be used (perhaps with a mouse-over that says what's required to use it)?
      • Thirdly, I found many of the items on the dialog to be very confusing and unclear as to what they really represent, why I'm entering this information now, and how it relates to things in the actual server. Perhaps users with more Teiid experience have come to learn what they all mean, but it's likely pretty confusing for new users or users like me that don't regularly use Teiid. Why is the Admin connection info needed? I know it's because Teiid Designer can deploy new VDBs. But then why is the JDBC connection info needed? Again, I know that Teiid Designer can connect to a deployed VDB. But why does the URL have "<vdbname>" in it? Perhaps because it's used as a template? And if so, then might the username and password often be different for different VDBs? If so, then why do I have to specify it here? All of this should be explained (perhaps with a help button). And better yet, I should be able to specify where the Teiid server is without having to specify any connection info, and when Teiid Designer needs the connection info and it's not there, it should prompt me and save it. I would have expected that the Teiid Instance dialog has the server information and, if any VDB connectivity is shown then all of the available VDBs are shown (with ways of caching/storing the connection info for each).
      • Also noticed that when changing Host name it get's hung up somewhere. Debug revealed that the URL validation is where it's spending a lot of time.
      • The JDBC URL could be renamed "URL Template" since it's not complete. AND if the Host name is more than 22 characters, the URL field gets truncated. need to expand dialog window to reveal complete URL string.

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