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WITH clause in combination with EXISTS throws null pointer


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      The following query (simplified) throws a null pointer exception in the Teiid Springboot Starter 1.6.0:

      WITH securityTable AS (SELECT securityRole FROM securityRoles)

      SELECT * FROM multipleTablesAndSomeJoins AS mtsj
      WHERE EXISTS (SELECT  securityRole FROM securityTable WHERE securityRole = mtsj.securitySector);


      The securityRoles table is a TextTable that parses a UDF which gives the securitycontext of a user.

      Removing the WITH clause solves the problem. Replacing the EXISTS clause with e.g. IN also solves the problem. However, we don't get the performance we want.

      Original question on stackoverflow:


      This is the first Jira ticket I place here if I missed something please let me know.

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