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When overwriting an Insert trigger with custom logic in a ddl file, the primary key is not correctly transferred back in the response of the odata layer with a dummy insert value


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      in the past we had an issue in the odata layer, that the generated primary key of an autoincrement key was not corretly transfered back in the odata response. This issue was fixed.
      However, the current issues derives from the discussion in


      where we havewritten an INSTEAD OF INSERT trigger. According to my last comment to https://issues.jboss.org/browse/TEIID-5763, there are two situations which can arrise. I have to set the 1. key group explicitely or 2. it is set implicitely.
      Now in both situations I observe the same result. When I POST an INSERT with a dummy primary key, say key=0 (as it was NOT NULL in the past, and I am still using the old sources) I retrieve key=0 in the odata response. Correct would be to get a response with the generated key instead.

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