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Batch removed during large temp table load


      For a sufficiently large temp operation, such as a merge over 2.5 million rows, you can see:

      java.lang.AssertionError: Batch not found in storage 58804
      at org.teiid.common.buffer.impl.BufferManagerImpl$BatchManagerImpl.getBatch(BufferManagerImpl.java:382) [teiid-engine-]
      at org.teiid.common.buffer.SPage.getValues(SPage.java:240) [teiid-engine-]
      at org.teiid.common.buffer.SPage.search(SPage.java:139) [teiid-engine-]
      at org.teiid.common.buffer.STree.find(STree.java:249) [teiid-engine-]
      at org.teiid.common.buffer.STree.remove(STree.java:429) [teiid-engine-]
      at org.teiid.query.tempdata.TempTable.deleteTuple(TempTable.java:802) [teiid-engine-]
      at org.teiid.query.tempdata.TempTable.access$500(TempTable.java:83) [teiid-engine-]
      at org.teiid.query.tempdata.TempTable$InsertUpdateProcessor.undo(TempTable.java:159) [teiid-engine-]

      Which occurs during undo/rollback of an operation and masks the underlying exception. The actual error will typically be the same as TEIID-5439, the proactive removal of the managed batches once a space limit has been reached.

      This did not occur after the TEIID-5439 fix upstream, but it appears it could have still occurred - and did occur on 8.12.x.

            rhn-engineering-shawkins Steven Hawkins
            rhn-engineering-shawkins Steven Hawkins
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