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Separate the Teiid WildFly distribution into their own repo or module




      With the different types of distributions now being built based on Teiid like

      • WildFly
      • Thorntail
      • SpringBoot
      • Embedded

      Having main `github.com/teiid` repo contain artifacts for WildFly distribution poses an unnecessary dependency burden on other distributions. For example, the resource adapters are mainly for use with WildFly and Thorntail V2. They can still be applicable to embedded and SpringBoot as either non-managed connection factories, or require the user to provide appropriate management / pooling. When they are pulled into environments like SpringBoot they will bring several wildfly dependencies / and JEE constructs that are unnecessary - specifically the dependencies jboss-jaxws-api (teiid-api), javax.activation (teiid-core), jboss-transaction-api (teiid-api), and jboss-connector-api (teiid-api).

      This proposal is to separate "teiid" core modules along with all translators into one repository and move all the resource adapters along with any feature-packs and module building into a sperate repository like "teiid-wildfly". With the goal of providing similar connectivity in SpringBoot using as much common logic from SpringBoot (Spring Data in particular) and even Fuse as possible.

      Basically, when finished, the core Teiid modules only provide Maven artifacts along with their clean pom.xml with for direct and maybe transitive dependencies. None of the WildFly based modules support will be here. At worst this may introduce duplicate dependencies into the WildFly environment as we will need to manage all core / translator dependencies independently from those provided by WildFly. Where possible the teiid-api / core modules will need to use the generic javax dependency - or even remove the dependency if possible.

      The "teiid-wildfly" module on the other hand, will exactly preserve what is in the current repo as far feature packs and module building and overall WildFly distribution building.

      A follow-on task we can task we can look into is, converting the main teiid then to use basepom rather than the jboss-parent pom. However, the recommendation is this should be done after, not simultaneously.


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