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Infinispan hotrod translator proto-schema registered as ProtoFilePath



      When using an existing protobuf file to configure source metadata and providing full path via ProtoFilePath, there are issues with how the proto-schema is being registered in JDG.

      When using ProtoFilePath, the proto-schema is being registered under the exact value of this property. This is unexpected and source of many issues. Rather the proto-schema should be registered under the package context.

      This leads to a situation, when using the same file on various machines, or when the file is moved, then the proto-schema is being registered twice with different keys in JDG proto-schema cache, this leads to an exception on JDG's side and non-deployed VDB.

      I expect the ProtobufName to be a complementary to ProtoFilePath:

      1. I register a proto-schema using ProtoFilePath property
      2. I use that schema in different VDB using ProtobufName property

      Then the ProtobufName used in second case needs to contain exactly the same value as ProtoFilePath in the first case. This is hard to understand.

      Could the change be to:

      1. Set both ProtoFilePath and ProtobufName properties (ProtobufName is our logical descriptor) when a user want to register new protobuf file. This way the contents of a file denoted by ProtoFilePath is registered in JDG under ProtobufName key.
      2. Using only ProtobufName when an already registered proto-schema is to be used.

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