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Generate a Rest based service automatically based on deployed VDB



      Currently to enable REST based services on top of the VDB, Designer provides a mechanism for user to define metadata on the procedure and gives hooks to generate Rest service based WAR file to deploy into a application server.

      To support OpenShift efforts it would be good to provide this functionality out of box, when Teiid is deployed into the JBoss AS (never in embedded).

      To define a scenario,

      • user creates a VDB and defines one or more models
      • then user creates a virtual procedure with following metadata in the options clause
        REST:METHOD = GET|PUT|POST|DELETE (mandatory)
        REST:URI = uri (mandatory)
        REST:PRODUCES = xml|json|text (optional, if omitted will be calculated from procedures return parameter)
        REST:CHARSET = character set (optional) (ex:US-ASCII, UTF-8 etc. In cases where the binary data is returned this character set will be used to convert)

      where REST namesspace is defined as
      SET NAMESPACE 'http://teiid.org/rest' AS REST;

      • user deploys a VDB
      • a jax-rs based war is created and deployed automatically at the end of vdb deployment
      • if vdb is un-deployed, this jax-rs war will also be undeployed


      1) Should this enforce HTTPBasic Auth by default? since Teiid does not have a way define the DDL based metadata this is difficult.

      2) Apart from above procedures, does a generic procedure that executes a add-hoc query helpful? The restriction here is the results will be in a pre-defined format not user defined.

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