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Refactor swatch-tally Job to use curl and internal endpoint


      The swatch-tally job is defined in the clowdapp.yaml file as a cronjob.

      However, this job will start the Swatch Tally service using the profiles "capture-snapshots" and "kafka-queue" (see here).

      The relevant profile here is "capture-snapshot" which will make the Tally service to act as a command line program to execute the CaptureSnapshotsJob task which does:


      The same method is invoked by calling the endpoint "/rpc/tally/all-org-snapshots".

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • Modify the "tally" job in clowdapp.yaml to invoke the "/rpc/tally/all-org-snapshots". (As an example, the "purge" job is already invoking another endpoint here).
      • Delete the spring profile "capture-snapshot" since it should not be used any longer (ensure "CaptureSnapshotsTaskManager" is properly imported when running the swatch tally service).
      • Delete CaptureSnapshotsConfiguration, CaptureSnapshotsJob
      • Update the diagram to remove the deleted profile

            jcarvaja@redhat.com Jose Carvajal Hilario
            jcarvaja@redhat.com Jose Carvajal Hilario
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