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Refactor snapshot operator


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    • Storage Sprint 223, Storage Sprint 224

      As OpenShift developer I want cluster-csi-snapshot-controller-operator to use existing controllers in library-go, so I don’t need to maintain yet another code that does the same thing as library-go.

      • Check and remove manifests/03_configmap.yaml, it does not seem to be useful.
      • Check and remove manifests/03_service.yaml, it does not seem to be useful (at least now).
      • Use DeploymentController from library-go to sync Deployments.
      • Get rid of common/ package? It does not seem to be useful.
      • Use StaticResourceController for static content, including the snapshot CRDs.

      Note: if this refactoring introduces any new conditions, we must make sure that 4.11 snapshot controller clears them to support downgrade! This will need 4.11 BZ + z-stream update!

      Similarly, if some conditions become obsolete / not managed by any controller, they must be cleared by 4.12 operator.

      Exit criteria:

      • The operator code is smaller.
      • No regressions in standalone OCP.
      • Upgrade/downgrade from/to standalone OCP 4.11 works.

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