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CSI pods are failing to create on HCP on AKS


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      CSI pods are failing to create on HCP on an AKS cluster.

      % k get pods | grep -v Running
      NAME                                                  READY   STATUS                       RESTARTS   AGE
      csi-snapshot-controller-cfb96bff7-7tc94               0/1     CreateContainerConfigError   0          17h
      csi-snapshot-webhook-57f9799848-mlh8k                 0/1     CreateContainerConfigError   0          17h 

      The issue is 

        Type     Reason     Age                    From               Message
        ----     ------     ----                   ----               -------
        Normal   Scheduled  34m                    default-scheduler  Successfully assigned clusters-brcox-hypershift-arm/csi-snapshot-controller-cfb96bff7-7tc94 to aks-nodepool1-24902778-vmss000001
        Normal   Pulling    34m                    kubelet            Pulling image "quay.io/openshift-release-dev/ocp-v4.0-art-dev@sha256:805280104b2cc8d8799b14b2da0bd1751074a39c129c8ffe5fc1b370671ecb83"
        Normal   Pulled     34m                    kubelet            Successfully pulled image "quay.io/openshift-release-dev/ocp-v4.0-art-dev@sha256:805280104b2cc8d8799b14b2da0bd1751074a39c129c8ffe5fc1b370671ecb83" in 3.036610768s (10.652709193s including waiting)
        Warning  Failed     32m (x12 over 34m)     kubelet            Error: container has runAsNonRoot and image will run as root (pod: "csi-snapshot-controller-cfb96bff7-7tc94_clusters-brcox-hypershift-arm(45ab89f2-9c00-4afa-bece-7846505edbfc)", container: snapshot-controller) 

            rh-ee-brcox Bryan Cox
            rh-ee-brcox Bryan Cox
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