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[deliverable] Serverless logic DevUI DP2 improvements


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    • 2022 Week 38-40 (from Sept 19), 2022 Week 41-43 (from Oct 10)



      For DP2 we need several improvements for developers in their tools to

      1) define and display custom dashboards

      2) (stretch goal) enable Serverless logic DevUI / console in cloud (when running on OpenShift) - in the workflow service itself



      Add new developer-focused improvements to Serverless logic DevUI console



      As a developer, I want to define and display my own dashboards with charts and data that I need for my development work.

      As a developer, I want to be able to access Serverless logic DevUI console even when I run my workflow on OpenShift so that I can troubleshoot and test on OpenShift with my tooling stack.


      Expected outcomes

      Custom dashboards in DevUI

      New Data Index Quarkus extension (for DevUI in cloud)


      This requirement combines several improvements that we expect in DP2, however they may not be in their final/production-ready state therefore:

      Limited testing of those improvements and new functionality for DevUI developer tooling

      Limited docs and guides around those topics

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