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[core] New visualization of workflows in editor


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    • 2022 Week 32-34 (from Aug 8), 2022 Week 38-40 (from Sept 19), 2022 Week 41-43 (from Oct 10)


      Current visualization of serverless workflows is insufficient. It was quickly developed in the CNCF community and doesn’t provide enough information to understand the flow, branching, parallel execution, sequences, and operation calls.


      Design and implement new visualization of workflows


      As a developer, I need to verify my written workflow against a visualization so that I can see whether it will run how I wrote it.

      As a developer, I need to see where there is a gap / missing part of my workflow so that I can “connect the dots”.

      As a developer, I need to see where the workflow branches with conditions or parallel execution and transitions to next states.

      As a developer, I need to see how the workflow communicates over events so that I can verify all events are sent in all situations.

      Expected outcomes

      A design / mockup of a new workflow visualization guidance from UI/UX team

      Read-only representation of a serverless workflows

      VS Code editor for serverless workflow updates its visualization of the workflow code

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