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Update the new Pipeline Quickstart with the new content for 4.7.


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      The current quickstart CR is not up to date with the 4.7 & 4.8 Import from git pipeline flow. 

      Instructions are not up-to-date with the 4.7 flow. 

      Update the content of this CR to match the current flow.

      Additional Information:

      NOTE: new content ** (TBD)

      In 4.7 we are auto starting the pipeline when it is created from the import from git flow, which makes the `Starting your Pipeline`  Instructions no longer useful. We should change this to instructions to something like `Navigating to Details page` for exploring more actions such as stop, rerun, edit your pipeline, which will be more useful to the user in terms of discover-ability.

      Initial slack conversation: https://coreos.slack.com/archives/CHG0KRB7G/p1612515660041000

      cc: bmorley serenamarie125 aballant

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