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[azure] investigate non-premium storage on worker nodes

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      Request from ci cost management working group: https://coreos.slack.com/archives/C02TYAMM5JP/p1661293177869409
      I'm looking into reducing our overall Azure cost. Specifically, how we might decrease the cost by using Reserved VM Instances. I see we are using the DSv3 series for masters and workers. If we commit to using a given series for 1 year, we can save a significant percentage. But I'd like to make sure of a couple things before suggesting we do so.

      • There is now a DSv5 series which costs around 5% less and benchmarks better than the DSv3. The major difference is that v5s don't have a temporary storage disk.
      • Has Azure storage tech improved at all? Could we default to a non premium storage for worker nodes?

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