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[spike] collect insights from SIG-Cloud and OCP Cloud related projects from Github to create reports and follow topics related to our product


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      *USER STORY:*

      As SPLAT Engineer I would like to study if we can collect insights from repositories that is related to cloud-providers (OCP and SIG-Cloud), so our engineers could take advantage with those data to help to understand contributions from our public repos, follow cloud-provider changes on upstream, and so on.


      Recently we are having a few discussions on topics like: how to follow upstream projects ( card SPLAT-115 ), how long some (simple) changes takes to be merged (it can impact in free contributions engagement), projects like non-FF (feature freeze) and OKD. This data could help to take have a overview and help on decisions looking our current data.

      The main idea is to collect data from Github API from a collection of repositories from both our product (core/cloud components) and dependencies (upstream), and create a few reports.

      One mvp can be found here: 


      • SPLAT team to track changes on upstream of SIG-Cloud
      • OCP engineers to understand where comes from the contributors on projects owned by component, and can extract other insights like how long to PRs being closed/merged, etc


      *Nice to have:*

      • Basic report with a collection of repositories related to Cloud-providers (Sig-Cloud) and Core from OCP.
      • Create new cards if the data makes sense (record a demo, etc)



      References: * SIG-Cloud Provider - Annual report 2020




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