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Enhance CCO to allow multiple vCenters

      User Story

      As an OpenShift administrator, I would like the Cluster Config Operator (CCO) to not block the install of a new cluster due to vSphere Multi vCenter feature gate being enabled so that I can begin to install my cluster across multiple vcenters.


      The purpose of this story is to perform the needed changes to get CCO allowing the configuration of the new Feature Gate for vSphere Multi vCenter support.  This operator takes the infrastructure config by the installer and updates it for the cluster and applies it.  The only change to this operator should be updating the version of openshift/api; however, this operator has a lot of legacy code that is being transitioned to openshift/api that is currently causing issues when updating openshift/api version.  We will update the version and address any other modifications as need.  We will need to work w/ the API team on what can be removed.


      The CCO during installation will need to allow multiple vCenters to be configured.  Any other failure reported based on issues performing operator tasks is valid and should be addressed via a new story.


      • multi vcenter enabled: CCO does not prevent bootstrapping when more than one vCenter defined in the infrastructure custom resource.
      • multi vcenter disabled: CCO will error out if vCenter count is greater than 1.


      We will need to do the following:

      • Update version of openshift/api to be >= version where feature gate exists
      • Update all broken aspects of the operator's existing logic dealing w/ legacy handling of features.  This may get done by API team, but currently is not updated.  The logic is skipped thanks to the --skip-rendering flag that exists in the bootkube.sh logic.

      We will need to enhance all logic that has hard coded vCenter size to now look to see if vSphere Multi vCenter feature gate is enabled.  If it is enabled, the vCenter count may be larger than 1, else it will still need to fail with the error message of vCenter count may not be greater than 1.

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