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Enhance vSphere Installer to use IPAddress objects in Terraform when creating machines

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    • openshift-4.15

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      As an OpenShift administrator, I want the vSphere installer to use the IPAddress/IPAddressClaim information when creating machine in Terraform



      vSphere IPI installation of static IP machines currently embeds the static IP information into the machine object data.  We would like to change this to leverage the IPAM way of using IPAddressClaim / IPAddress object data.  This means the machine object config will contain the addressesFromPools configuration instead of the static ip config directly.



      During the installation, the Terraform logic will no longer expect the static IP information to be embedded in the machine object data.  After install, machines will contain a pool references.



      This story should be focusing on enhancing the Terraform logic to take advantage of using IPAddress/IPAddressClaim.

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