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Enhance machine status relating to IPAddressClaimed

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      As a cluster admin, the status field relating to the IPAddressClaimed is a bit confusing and should be improved to make it better to understand.



      Currently the machine object has the following status:


          - lastTransitionTime: "2023-09-04T17:50:34Z"
            message: All IP address claims are bound
            reason: WaitingForIPAddress
            status: "False"
            type: IPAddressClaimed 

      The reason, status and message are a bit confusing when IP address claim is bound.  The above is an example of what it says when it is finished.




      The status should look something like the following when IP is claimed:


          - lastTransitionTime: "2023-09-06T13:52:51Z"
            message: All IP address claims are bound
            reason: IPAddressesClaimed
            status: "True"
            type: IPAddressClaimed 

      reason text may change to match other condition fields formatting.




      This most likely will involve updating a few different projects:

      • openshift/machine-api-operator
      • openshift/api

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