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Manual Github Job to communicate with Library owners



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      Owner: Architect:

      David Peraza and Feny Mehta

      Story (Required)

      As an Samples Developer, I would like to be able to easily communicate with all the library owners, such that there is a auditable way to make announcements to those teams.

      Background (Required)

      Today there is a manual process to collect all the github repos and then manual create issues on this, we need a way to create issues for all libraries with the same content. We will also need a way to differentiate between subsets of the library. For example I could send messages only for templates but not necessarily for image streams


      Out of scope

      Automatic Triggers

      In Scope

      Manual Trigger


      We need to create a new github workflow similar to the helm test workflow linked in the epic. I should a target library field. We could start with three targets:

      1. All
      2. Templates
      3. ImageStreams

      We should be able to use for reference to get the github repos this: https://github.com/openshift/library/blob/master/official.yaml

      Approach to be taken

      1. Have a manual trigger for the workflow.
      2. Read all the repo names and their location from official.yml in library repo.
      3.Divide the repo list and its details under two categories.( templates, imagestreams)
      4. Create a job which take input from the user on basis of which repo type they want to communicate(create issues).
      5. On the basis of input , the job should be able to go and create github issues in the targeted repos


      Edge Case

      Acceptance Criteria

      Create or identify a user boot that will run the job.
      There is a github action under Samples github
      The workflow will create issues on target repos
      Target repos are categorized by template or imgestream.
      We can send messages to each category or to all category independently
      At least create on test issue for all library repos

      INVEST Checklist

      Dependencies identified
      Blockers noted and expected delivery timelines set
      Design is implementable
      Acceptance criteria agreed upon
      Story estimated






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