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Introduce localnet / physnet topology


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    • OCPSTRAT-115 - OVN as Secondary Network [GA]
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      Add another topology type to the `NetConf.Topology` configuration. It should be named localnet / physnet - or come up with a better name.

      Whenever a new network attachment definition is added, if it points to another network, we must update the ovn bridge bindings accordingly, explaining through which OVS bridge will the traffic flow.

      Finally, a localnet port must be added to the flat L2 network, whenever the localnet topology is requested.

      Definition of done:

      • PRs implementing the above merged
      • e2e tests asserting these work merged

            mduarted@redhat.com Miguel Duarte de Mora Barroso
            mduarted@redhat.com Miguel Duarte de Mora Barroso
            Jaime CaamaƱo Ruiz
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